The Filmperspektive GmbH is a platform for independent production of documentaries and fiction films. We are interested in using our unique backgrounds and styles to create feature length films that are high quality and tell stories that people throughout the world can relate to. We strive to do this by focusing on creating material that is powerful, edgy, provocative, contemporary and must be seen because of its political or social relevance.

Our vision is to create a network of filmmakers and commissioning editors around the globe who believe, like we do, that films do make a difference. Our aim is to create a student filmmaking program for young people who would otherwise not have a chance to be educated in this field.

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Achim Johne (left) and Marcus Vetter (right) at the open-air-cinema of Cinema Jenin

Achim Johne (*1957)

Achim Johne studied light engineering (Polytechnic Darmstadt). He has his roots in the world of theatre and opera as a stage designer, prop master and lighting technician. He participated in various opera productions of the ‘Jeunesses Musicales’ group, some of which were staged at the castle of Weikersheim. He also participated in a production of Brecht’s ‘Threepenny Opera’ and a ‘Hitler’s youth’ production staged at Stuttgart’s ‘Theaterhaus’. Since 1985 he works for the SDR/SWR (German TV channel), where he took part in the production of numerous films, shows and documentaries. Achim Johne worked as a design and technical advisor for various projects and productions.

Marcus Vetter (*1967)

Marcus Vetter graduated in Economics (1991) and Media Theory and Practice (1994). His studies included long term stays in Buenos Aires and Madrid as well as practical internships in the media and film business. Since 1994 he has been working as a TV editor, producer and director at ARD/SWR in Baden-Baden and Stuttgart. His films have received attention at national and international film festivals and won numerous prizes, among which are 3 Adolf Grimme Awards - the German Oscar.

Bukera Pictures is a distribution company based in Tübingen/Germany. The company‘s philosophy is to distribute powerful, provocative and entertaining feature films and documentaries which can be understood emotionally at an international level an do make a difference.

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Marcus Vetter and his team

In many years of cooperation with several freelance professionals the Filmperspektive GmbH has built up a pool of specialists from various fields. The continued and intensive cooperation in several film projects benefits new productions through a joint development of working methods and a common style.

Georg Zengerling– Director of Photography

Born in 1986 in Gotha, Georg Zengerling started his film career with a hands-on education in lighting, working at various studios and on-location sets in Berlin. He received three years of professional training at the ARD station SWR in Stuttgart and Tübingen to become an audiovisual media designer. Specializing in camera technique he went on working for the SWR as a 1st AC.

Since 2012 he´s returned to a freelancing and works predominantly but not only for documentaries as a DoP.  As such, "The Forecaster“ and "The Promise“ are his first feature length productions and the results of his ongoing collaboration with director Marcus Vetter and his company Filmperspektive GmbH.

Aljoscha Haupt (Sound)

Aljoscha Haupt was born in 1985 in Peine, a city between the Harz and the Lueneburg Heath. After his first internship in a music-studio he worked for six years as a freelancer with the focus on soundproduction and live sonication. Following that he completed an apprenticeship as audio-visual media designer at the IHK. It was at this time that he gained his first professional experiences as a master for direct quotes.

Since 2009 Aljoscha Haupt is part of the team of Filmperspektive GmbH with Marcus Vetter. He did the sound in the documentaries CINEMA JENIN, AFTER THE SILENCE, THE COURT, THE FORECASTER and THE PROMISE. In 2015 he graduated after 4 years of studying movie-sound and sounddesing at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg (diploma). Currently he es working as camera assistant for the SWR in Stuttgart.

Ulf Meyer (Producer, Design & Marketing)

Ulf Meyer has advanced degrees in design, media and international marketing and business. He has extensive experience in the corporate world as art- and creative director as well as marketing, project and account management and communications. With his corporate design and online agency sekeido in Hamburg he served as senior executive clients from varouis industries. He has gained extensive experience in more than 300 design and online projects.

Ulf Meyer has been associated with Marcus Vetter and his company Filmperspektive GmbH since 2008, working collaboratively on all aspects of their films' web and graphic design as well as social media campaigns and multi-platform release strategies. To keep his hand in the production side, Ulf has also served as second camera and camera operator on various projects (e.g. CINEMA JENIN) and is producers in the latest film THE PROMISE.

Louise Rosen (Producer and Distributor)

Louise Rosen is a media executive with over 25 years experience in all areas of the international television and film business. She began working in project finance and distribution at WGBH-Boston, the largest producing station in the PBS system. Louise Rosen launched her own business in 1981 and been working in the independent media worls since then. She has been honored to have among her projects Oscar, Emmy, Sundance, Prix Italia and International Emmy-winning films. Louise Rosen Ltd offers various services to filmmakers including editorial review, strategies for fundraising, distribution and festival planning, sales agency for project financing and distribution of finished films. Louise is also a credited producer, co-producer or consulting producer on many films including "Eva Hesse", "Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison: The Making of a Masterpiece", "Prodigal Sons" and "The Endurance: Shackleton's Legendary Antarctic Expedition".

Louise tutors and lectures at Documentary Campus Master School and at festivals and conferences including DOKLeipzig, IDFA and HotDocs. She is on the Advisory Board of IFP/NY and the board of the Maine Media Workshops + College.

Marcus Vetter

Director | Writer | Producer

Marcus began working as a TV editor, producer and director in 1994 at the ARD station SWR after graduating with a degree in Economics followed by another in Media Theory and Practice. His studies included long term stays in Buenos Aires and Madrid as well as practical internships in the media and film business. He was selected for the Discovery Campus Master School in 2004, a 10-month European training program in international co-productions in the nonfiction sector.

His films have received attention at national and international film festivals and won numerous prizes, including three Adolf Grimme Awards - the German equivalent of the Emmy, and one German Film Prize - the German equivalent of the Oscar. Marcus' work first came to the attention of an international audience with his 1999 film "The Tunnel", a docu-drama about a legendary escape tunnel in Berlin. The film received the Grimme Prize, a Special Mention at the Prix Europa and was selected for HotDocs.

He went on to make numerous films including "The Battle for Brukman", about rebellious seamstresses in Argentina and The Unbreakables, an award-winning feature doc on industrial glass making in Germany that was released theatrically in 2007. Also in 2007 his film "My Father the Turk" won the Golden Gate Award in San Francisco and was selected for the IDFA, Gothenborg, Barcelona, Ecuador and Ukraine Film Festivals among others. He has gone on to make "After the Silence", "The Heart of Jenin", Cinema Jenin", "The Court" and "The Forecaster".

His latest film – THE PROMISE – has opened the section "New German Cinema" at the Munich Filmfestival in June 2016 and will have its theaterical release in Germany in October 2016.

More about Marcus Vetter

Behind the scenes

Impressions of our shootings worldwide


Aljoscha Haupt recording sound in New York City, USA.


Marcus Vetter (left) and Georg Zengerling (right) shooting in Bangkok, Thailand.


Georg Zengerling shooting in West Australia.


Goerg Zengerling (left) and Aljoscha Haupt (right) shooting in New York City, USA.


Aljoscha Haupt recording sound in New York City, USA.


Georg Zengerling (left) and Aljoscha Haupt (right) shooting in the streets of New York, USA.


Marcus Vetter (left), Georg Zengerling (middle) and Aljoscha Haupt (right) in Sydney, Australia.


Georg Zengerling shooting in West Australia.


Georg Zengerling (left), Marcus Vetter (middle) and Aljoscha Haupt (right) in Byron Bay, Australia.


Marcus Vetter (left), Georg Zengerling (middle) and Aljoscha Haupt (right) in Byron Bay, Australia.


Aljoscha Haupt recording the sound of waves in Byron Bay, Australia.


Aljoscha Haupt recodrding sound in Canada.


Aljoscha Haupt (left) and Georg Zengerling (right) shooting in Vancouver, Canada.


Marcus Vetter (left), Georg Zengerling (middle) und Aljoscha Haupt (right) in Lynchburg, USA.


Marcus Vetter (left) and Georg Zengerling (right) shooting in Bedford, USA.


Mike Gentile (left) and Georg Zengerling (right) in New York City, USA.


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